How to Use a Google+ Brand Page as Your Business Website

How to Use Google+ Brand Page as Your Business Website -- internet marketing outsourcing

Some Google+ users are concerned about how Google+ brand or business page cannot be used as a “regular website”. Businesses are limited by Google’s predetermined page names – Posts, About, Photos and Video, and thus restricting the contents to these specific page names, and not able to create new and personalized pages.

Internet marketers, especially those doing search engine optimization coordinates with their social media specialists in putting up a Google+ brand page that is well optimized without the losing the concept of it being a social media page or account. Combining both social media marketing and SEO is one of the best assets of Google+ brand page.

There are, however, a few methods using Google+ brand page to make it your business website. 

About Page of Google+

About Page of Google+ -- online marketing outsourcing

Google+ has “About” page and businesses should use its full potential to make the Google+ page as their business website. On this page, businesses must create a limited 250-word rich, original and compelling content that best describes the business, its products and services or other offerings. The information on this “About” page should aim to convince visitors to contact the brand or the business to make an inquiry or make a purchase.

Google+ Brand Pages and the Links  

Google+ encourages businesses to include relevant links in their “About” page content. This is facilitated by the use of HTML editor which is provided by Google+. This capability should be used wisely and only when you need the visitor to leave your Google+ page and go to your main website in order to understand better what you are offering, or have more detailed information that will help them make the decision to take your offer. Google+ users should know that these links have been changed by Google from do-follow to no-follow links. What this means is that you cannot rely on this links to boost up your SEO campaign, but will definitely serve its purpose for the visitor.

In addition to the standard website link and contact email address, Google+ “About” page has a Links area below it that offers another significant opportunity to share pertinent company information such as social media profiles and promotion pages of the business. And these are do-follow links so these are extremely valuable in terms of SEO results. Caution should be exercised though by Google+ users to be mindful of the visitors leaving the page when they click these do-follow links. 

Google+ Brand “Posts” Page

Having posts on Google+ “Posts” page that are associated with the business’ brand page allows the business to have the platform to directly communicate with the consumer base. Regardless if it’s sharing product information, or delivering prompt customer service, or launching promotions and special offers, this page allows businesses to enjoy interaction with their customer audience. 

The Value of Google+ Circles

It would seem that the benefit of most value for a Google+ business page is having Google+ Circles associated with them. This allows the Google+ user a good opportunity to target their audience by gender, geographic location, occupation, industry or profession, etc. Promotional campaigns and messages can be directed to the selected and most receptive audience members. With this approach, audience will appreciate a well-crafted branded message enough to share it with friends, followers and fans of the inspired audience members.

By taking full advantage of the single page offered by Google+ About page in making the presence felt and serve their marketing needs, Google+ users are able to make the page as a business website of some sort. And although it’s uncertain at this time how the Google+ page will display in Bing or Yahoo search results, the Google+ user should really focus in making their Google+ Business Page as appealing as possible for Google+ users and audience, no matter what the limitations are.

If you’re still not convinced by the importance of having a Google Plus page for your business, you can read here seven reasons why you should use Google Plus now.


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