Leveraging Social Media for Small Businesses

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Digital marketing is without a doubt the way to go for almost all business in today’s generation. And there’s a very good reason for that. For one, almost all businesses are increasing their use of the World Wide Web and social media platforms as they find these very effective in reaching out and connecting with their customers. More and more people are becoming aware that they can grow business faster if they use the leverage of social media. And at the same time capitalize on the fact that smartphones ranked as the best technological solution for small businesses. In other words, the best digital marketing outsourcing service is to be directed towards using the various social media platforms optimized for smartphones and mobile devices.

Consider the results of a recent survey by Citibank – 70% of the respondents used their company websites as a marketing channel; 41% indicated they used social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter in the last year; and 62% shunned the use of email as a marketing technique. This tells us that the trend is definitely pushing towards the online world. Most of the small business owners are relying more on their online presence and channels to help grow their businesses.

Why Social Media?

While other bigger businesses that have been more aggressive with their marketing strategies have already succeeded in achieving their target goals, the small business owners are slowly but steadily realizing the effectiveness of online marketing channels. They are recognizing the benefits they will reap if they can increase awareness of their business, engage with their customers and enhance the business growth through strategies and techniques that are specific to social media platforms. The small business owners are seeing that social media is an efficient and cost-effective technique and strategy to grow the business.

And this trend is clearly indicated by the findings of the same Citibank survey. The use of social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn has increased by 6% since 2010. Attesting to such increase is the nearly three-quarters of business owners who find that their website has been effective in generating more business for their company and another 34% that said they will be using smartphones in the future for their marketing activities and plans.

Today’s business environment is hooked in the World Wide Web. Consumers go online first for any information they need on a product, service or other things. They do their search queries even when they are on the go – using their mobile devices and smartphones. And if small business owners miss this reality and failed to keep their online visibility strong, they would have a lot of catching up to do against those that have been more forward-looking.

The truth is, small businesses stand a great opportunity to maintain connection with their customers, engage with them, and allow social media to reveal more of their business and what they can offer to their customers and every Facebook fan and Twitter follower with whom their customers interact with, in the social media network. They may need to get the best digital marketing outsourcing service provider to help them sort out how they can capitalize on the huge viewership and follower-base of each of these social media platforms. And it will be worth the investment and will pay off with business growth.


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