Understand Twitter Specific Terms Like A Social Media Expert

Technology has prompted the introduction of new terms or words used to denote specific meaning or specific description for some functions. Coined words like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, infographic are just a few of the new terms that have been popularly used these days especially by people whose lives revolve around the online world.

Twitter, for example, have developed a language of their own. Some may sound funny and strange but they all are nonetheless Twitter-unique.

In order to use some of the Twitter terms like a social media pro, get familiar with these words and their corresponding meaning.

Common Twitter Language

The “at” (@) sign is used to mention another Twitter account. For example, @HubSpot. Used within the Twitter account, it becomes a link to that account’s profile. While it may be used by others as a geographical reference, @ is Twitter-specific.

Understand Twitter Specific Terms

The “hash” (#) is used to highlight keywords, events, topics or emotions in a tweet. A hashtag in Twitter turns the word or phrase into a link to easily see and screen certain tweets that contain the same tag. For example, “loving the #weather” or “feeling #tiredandemotional”.

The “caret” (˄) is also known as a hat sign and is used to denote a tweet composed and sent by an individual on behalf of a group account that is used by multiple people account. This is how it is used in tweet – “^JS”.

The “dollar sign” ($) is used in Twitter as a financial hash tag for a company’s shortened stock market name/code. For example, Google’s shortened stock market name is GOOG. “$GOOG” becomes a link to Google site.

“AFAIK” means “As far as I know”.

“CC” – its original meaning is “carbon copy” like how it’s used in memos and email. CC is a way of making sure a Twitter user sees certain content. If used with “@”, e.g. “cc @Bob” – it will draw a Tweet to someone’s attention.

“DM” is “direct message”. It’s a way to privately message a follower on Twitter. It’s a counterpart of Facebook’s “PM” or “private message”. In tweets, you’ll often see “DM me for details” or “I’ll DM you the price”.

“#FF” stands for  “Follow Friday” – an endorsement or shout out to other Twitter users suggesting that people follow them.

“ICYMI” is for “in case you missed it”. This is often used when a Twitter user retweets his/her own content from previous tweet.

“MM” stands for “Music Monday” used to suggest music you are currently enjoying or artist recommendations. While this is no longer that much popularly used these days, you may still see “#MM” tweets once in a while.

“NSFW” means “not safe for work”. This denotes a potentially inappropriate content.

“OH” is “overheard”. Used in Twitter, OH is a way of reporting a funny or eyebrow-raising comment.

“PRT” means “partial retweet” which is used to let people know some editing had been done to a tweet. It can also be used to mean “Please retweet”.

“RT” stands for “Retweet”. When another user’s tweet is forwarded with an added comment RT is used. For example, “Must see! RT @John: This video is hilarious www.funnyvideo.com”

These are just a partial list of the terms commonly used in Twitter. Some new words may be expected to develop in the foreseeable future. Just make sure, you remain updated so you can catch up with the Twitter lingo and not be left wondering.


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