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Outsource Force FAQs

Answer: Outsource Force is a local company registered in the Philippines engaged in the provision of valuable outsourcing and online marketing solutions for small businesses. Specializing in team staffing and management of outsourced projects of small business entities across the globe, Outsource Force can be easily your one-stop business solutions partner.
Answer: Outsource Force is a dynamic company offering a wide array of services with focus on:
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Outsource Force has a team of expert writers, link builders and online marketers who are constantly updating their skills on the latest in search engine optimization. Outsource Force is committed to implement SEO techniques which will position the website in the first page of the search engine results page.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Outsource Force's expertise in online marketing will impact your website in terms of increased site traffic, business activities, high page ranking, etc. Online marketing techniques include paid online advertising, highly optimized web pages, social media marketing, creation of marketing tools (banners and logo), content, etc
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns. With Outsource Force's Pay-per-click management service, your business will increase qualified traffic and leads while reducing the campaign cost. The expert marketing team of Outsource Force will diligently handle the management of the PPC ads to make sure that there are no wasted clicks.
  • Web Development and Design. The web development and design team of Outsource Force has the expertise and experience in conceptualizing and building visually appealing and highly-optimized websites - SEO ready. The design team will translate the equivalent forms of your input for the website design into layers of colors, images, contents and great website usability.
  • Social Media Marketing. Outsource Force maintains a team of social media marketing experts whose time and resources will be dedicated to close monitoring of social media networks trends, activities, etc. in order to promote your business, brand, etc.
  • Video Editing. Outsource Force has a creative team of professional video editors. A professionally conceptualized video integrated in your website will lower down the bounce rate as visitors are kept engaged.
  • Virtual Assistant (VA) service. Outsource Force provides highly-skilled and trained virtual assistants to help business entrepreneurs focus on the core business to increase the profitability of the business.
Answer:Outsource Force offers free website analysis for your business. Just fill out the Free Analysis Request Form from Outsource Force's website.
Answer: Outsource Force recognizes the value of money back guarantee but for digital products and virtual services, such a policy is not applicable as the potential of physically returning the product or service in exchange for a refund is highly unlikely. However, for web design services, Outsource Force offers a money back guarantee.
Answer: Outsource Force can be reached via the website via live chat, email and at Telephone No. +632.885.8489 and Fax No. +632.886.5008. Alternatively, you may visit Outsource Force office located at 28th Floor, Tower 2, The Enterprise Centre, 6766 Ayala Avenue, Makati City 1226 Philippines.

Search Engine Optimization FAQ

Answer: SEO is Search Engine Optimization - the process of working around the code of your website, creating original content, and building links to improve your website ranking. Ultimately, the main goal is to place your website in the first page of google or on the number 1 spot of any search engines when a search query is performed. Search engines rank the sites according to how relevant the contents are pertinent to the search query made by the user.
Answer: The benefits your business will enjoy from SEO from Outsource Force are:
  • Increased site traffic which means increase in ROI. As more visitors check your website, the potential for leads conversion increases.
  • Long-term strategy aimed at providing profits and benefits on a long term basis as well. Outsource Force would like your business to reap maximum benefits and for a prolonged and sustained period. This means keeping the site constantly updated with new and fresh contents in order not to lose its visitors, users and online friends.
  • Effective techniques achieve target goals and objectives. By clearly understanding the target profile, Outsource Force can customize the optimization techniques or elements targeted at specific user group.
  • Profits gained with additional customers. A highly optimized and interactive site will increase the chances of having new customers taking action to make a sale.
  • Brand, products and services are promoted through effective means. Maintaining your site's high ranking can get people to talk about your business, brand or product, and services.
  • Increased online visibility allows more people to visit your site. More people visiting your site can translate later on to qualified leads conversions.
Answer: Outsource Force only does White Label SEO also known as White Hat SEO. This means we build links manually (no automated software), write original content (no article spinner), and mange your social accounts manually (no hootsuite).
Answer: SEO is a long process intended for businesses with long term objectives or goals. With search engines regularly and constantly updating their algorithms which means adjustment on affected SEO elements need to be done in order to maintain its ranking, and improve (if not yet the highest ranking received yet) the site's page ranking.
Answer: Outsource Force is very transparent in quoting the price for the desired services. There are no hidden charges or surprises. And because the services can be customized to the needs of the clients or the business, each client having a different need from the others, there can be no fixed or standard pricing scheme. With a highly-personalized service, Outsource Force will only be too happy to discuss pricing details after knowing the requirements of the business for the products or services availed.
Answer: By visiting the homepage of Outsource Force at you can fill out the "Free analysis request form" and this will activate the concerned team from Outsource Force to get in touch with you to discuss the results of such analysis and how Outsource Force can assist you in your specific needs.

Social Media Marketing FAQ

Answer: Social media marketing is making your business present in places where prospects and customers usually go to, which nowadays are mostly the social media sites. And in order for these social media fans, followers and friends to know about your business, brand, product or service, the best way is to get your site active in social media sites. With social media marketing, you are able to:
  • Create and develop a brand awareness
  • Easily monitor competitors and customers
  • Bring attention and buzz to your service and product
  • Boost customer trust and loyalty
  • Easily conduct market research
  • Get in touch with your customers in a personalized way
  • Market effectively without spending too much
Answer: While Outsource Force values both social media marketing and traditional marketing techniques, social media marketing offers an audience that is bigger in scale and more targeted. For businesses wanting to have a strong presence felt in the online community, the best platform are the social media sites where you are able to interact with people in the community, and you can build your authority on the industry that your business is involved in.
Answer: Giving the task to professional and experienced social media marketers most often than not make the big difference in terms of results achieved. As this form of marketing is not expensive, it won't hurt to leave the task to those who have the expertise and experience so you can get results faster than if it were to be done by an inexperienced marketer. The benefits you will derive from the techniques and strategies implemented by a team of experts, will more than compensate for the amount of investment you make to outsource the job. Besides, social media marketing requires time investment and for an inexperienced marketer, time will be eaten up by trial and error approach as opposed to the well-targeted and specifically defined target objectives.
Answer: It is always best to start any campaign as early as possible. You'll never know if the competitors are miles away from you in terms of utilizing social media sites. It is better that you are ahead of your competitors so you can capture more prospects and targets with the head start. The best time is now, and to start the campaign sign up the Free Analysis form on Outsource Force's website ( to initiate the discussion on what your business needs.
Answer: It will depend on the kind of business you are in. While each of the social media sites provide for a better way to reach your target market, they have different types of audience or target customers. Outsource Force's social media marketing team will be able to advise you on the best social media site you need to be more active.

Pay Per Click Advertising FAQ

Answer: PPC, or Pay-Per-Click advertising, is an advertising approach used online on search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo and websites across the internet where an advertiser is charged only when their ad is clicked on. Outsource Force offers PPC for your site to have the chance to appear on the first page of the search engine sites. PPC advertising is designed to help businesses drive quality, targeted traffic to their website in a cost-effective manner.
Answer: Pay-Per-Click ads are paid advertisements positioned on the right, bottom or side of a search engine results page. Organic SEO positions are natural or non-paid results. Outsource Force offers both PPC and Organic SEO.
Answer: PPC is usually recommended by Outsource Force for business who:
  • Wants instant result
  • Wants to pay only for results
  • Wants to control campaign cost with a set budget
  • Wants national exposure and increased local visibility
  • Wants real-time progress monitoring
Answer: Yes. PPC results are measured and tracked to determine the number of people reached by the PPC ads, how frequent the ads were viewed or clicked, etc.
Answer: Yes. Google Research shows that PPC provides 50% incremental clicks, even if you're number 1 on the search engine's organic ranking leading to a conclusion that paid and organic search results work together. Turning down the paid ads would result to a drop in clicks. Outsource Force can fully integrate PPC and SEO techniques to achieve maximum results.
Answer: Outsourcing your PPC Management and SEO may be the best thing that you can do for your business as this will help improve your ROI, page ranking, increase leads conversions, Outsource Force can review your existing site and set-up and recommend the best PPC management and SEO integration suitable to your requirements.
Answer: This is the advantage of PPC advertising - you can set a budget according to what you can afford and according to the results needed. And because you only pay for the clicked ads, you can set daily budgets and budget limits at the campaign level and at the account level. Outsource Force experts will help you determine the budget you need to allocate for the PPC campaign.
Answer: Google Display Network or GDN for many people is a tool that can reach to all those potential customers by displaying your ads in front of the viewing or browsing consumers. GDN helps create awareness about your business, brand or product, services, through the ads displayed on Google's partner websites including specific Google websites like Gmail, Blogger, YouTube and Google Finance. This means you are reaching to a very wide range of browsers with varied interests and preferences.

Internet Marketing FAQ

Answer: Internet Marketing is the process of implementing techniques and strategies in order to promote, advertise or market a business, product, service or brand over the World Wide Web or the internet.
Answer: While an offline marketing campaign may already give your business some good results, the huge online market waiting to be tapped cannot be ignored or disregarded. In fact, most of the businesses have shifted their traditional campaigns to a more aggressive and targeted internet or online marketing plan.
Answer: Outsource Force offers a wide array of internet marketing services including:
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Web Development and Design
  • Video Editing and Marketing
  • Virtual Assistant Services
  • Content Creation
Answer: Search engine optimization or SEO is a technique which helps search engines find and rank your site higher than the millions of other sites in response to a search query.
Answer: The number of internet users is growing by the day and there are studies that showed how people are turning to the internet for their every single need for information. If you have no online presence, you will be missing out on a potentially enormous market that may have need for your business' products or services.
Answer: Pay-per-click is paid online advertising on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to get more traffic to your website. You only need to pay the ads clicked by visitors to your site.
Answer: You need PPC if you want instant and fast results and you want to control your advertising campaign cost.
Answer: Web design is the creation of a web page which covers not just the appearance and feel of a website, but also its overall structure.
Answer: A good web design will make a profitable and effective website for SEO. By making the site user-friendly and complete with SEO elements, it will succeed in bringing in more visitors to the site.
Answer: Social Media Marketing is making an online presence using social media platforms or networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
Answer: Social media marketing offers a bigger scale target audience where you can consistently interact with your customers or community. The huge market offered by the social media sites cannot be ignored.
Answer: By having your site optimized for search engines using organic optimization techniques, your site stands the chance of being ranked high by Google's spiders and crawlers.
Answer: Internet marketing requires skills and techniques which are mastered over the years of constantly doing. If an inexperienced marketer is tasked with the job, there will be more time and resources wasted.
Answer: A regular web design does not allow for any online sales or transaction to happen through the website. An e-commerce web design has provisions for online selling.
Answer: It will depend on the strategies and techniques used. For PPC, it requires shorter time contrary to SEO which needs longer time to build up and get results.
Answer: Outsource Force is your one-stop business solutions provider. The wide range of services offered are handled by highly trained and experienced professionals. Outsource Force delivers personalized and effective outsourced business solutions to help your business grow and develop its maximum and full potential.

Web Design And Development FAQ

Answer: Any business that wants to have online visibility needs to have a website as this is the fastest and the easiest way to achieve global reach. A website containing valuable information about your business, brand, product or services will reach millions of users all over the world provided the website is optimized for search engines. When people look for something, they turn to the World Wide Web and make their search. If you don't have a website and you are offering the product being searched, the searcher might end up with your competitor who saw the importance of having a website. Outsource Force offers services from web development and conceptualization, to the creation or building of the website based on the requirements of the business including website optimization for search engines.
Answer: Outsource Force respects both elements and integrates them seamlessly with every design concept for a site. A website designed for optimum usability will keep the users engaged and thus will be good for your site's performance. A visually appealing website design will similarly attract users to stay on to the site to find out more about what the site is all about. If the two elements are together, your website is likely to attract more visitors. The design team of Outsource Force can discuss your requirements and come up with a design suitable and responding to such requirements or needs.
Answer: Yes, for as long as the website contains all the key elements needed by search engine spiders to detect and rank your site - good navigational flow, organized site architecture, relevant content, strong links, attractive and cohesive design, etc. If with all the key optimization elements, search engine spiders will not have any difficulty ranking your site to be on the first page of the search engine results page. Outsource Force can help you achieve that.
Answer: Access the website of Outsource Force at and fill out the Free Analysis Form. The web design team of Outsource Force will get in touch with you for the initial discussion on your specific requirements.
Answer: Outsource Force offers a standard web design package which includes:
  • Search Engine Ready Code
  • Business Class Hosting
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Social Media Ready
  • Video Tutorials
  • Add/Edit Content Easily
Aside from the standard inclusions, Outsource Force can customize the design based on the specific business objectives and goals. In order to determine the appropriate package for your business, get in touch with the web design team of Outsource Force to kick-start the initial discussion.
Answer: While there are some DIY web design applications available on the web, without the experience and background on SEO, the website might not be able to respond to the target goals. As such it will be best to engage an outsource company to develop and design the website for you. You will have a professional-looking website that is highly optimized for high page ranking, all aimed at increasing and improving business activities. Outsource Force's team of web design experts will walk you through the web design process until it is up and running on the world wide web.
Answer: This is the advantage of PPC advertising - you can set a budget according to what you can afford and according to the results needed. And because you only pay for the clicked ads, you can set daily budgets and budget limits at the campaign level and at the account level. Outsource Force experts will help you determine the budget you need to allocate for the PPC campaign.
Answer: Google Display Network or GDN for many people is a tool that can reach to all those potential customers by displaying your ads in front of the viewing or browsing consumers. GDN helps create awareness about your business, brand or product, services, through the ads displayed on Google's partner websites including specific Google websites like Gmail, Blogger, YouTube and Google Finance. This means you are reaching to a very wide range of browsers with varied interests and preferences.

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