3 Simple but Useful Tips in Managing Your Social Media Accounts Effectively

These days, almost everyone is going online. From paying their bills to connecting with old friends and relatives, to research, or just read and see something fun. The Internet has indeed, revolutionized once again our ways to connect with people globally.

Not only did the social media improve our ways of communication, it also helped companies earn more profit through marketing their products online. Hence, the emergence of online marketing through social media.
Connecting with People
As much as possible, you should be able to connect with all of your demographic to really maximize this opportunity to succeed. This includes connecting not only with your local market but also your international customers. In order for you to do that, you must manage and maintain these social medias to your advantage. Here are some tips.

1. Choose your social media backbone
Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ are the popular kinds of social media nowadays, but that doesn’t mean you can already reach all of your potential market. There are different kinds of social networking sites that can be the most popular in one country and it’s not one of the aforementioned sites. That is why it’s important to establish the foundation of your social media and at the same time, adapt and compromise your tactics especially in countries that are not with the trend.

2. Be consistent and plan your strategies wisely
Consistency is the key. After you’ve established the tone of your profiles in every social media website, it is important to keep that tone all throughout. Large brands like Pepsi, Nike and Pixar have set their style in the web and made a mark or an identity. Pepsi, for instance, have created a mark in YouTube. Nike, on the other hand, have concentrated their work on developing applications that integrate their brands while Pixar have gained success in their Facebook page through incorporating the Toy Story trilogy.

You can also achieve this kind of success by adjusting your strategies with every kind of social media without compromising your profile structure. It is wise to have teams that would handle different campaigns to be consistent.

In addition, You should also take into consideration on your method to reach all of your market, both the established and potential. This usually varies on what type of business you have. Each social media has their own style in connecting with people. That is why you’ll have to chose wisely on which media to use for a certain kind of group. If you’ll maximize this, you will be efficient as ever.

3. Review and Implement
What gets monitored, gets done. This sentence amplifies the importance to always review and assess each campaign. Take note on the feedback, both positive and negative. Aside from the figures you’ll get in creating traffic and all, this is the best way to know whether your campaigns work or if it needs improvement. After scrutinizing each campaigns of each country, you can now implement new branding policies or marketing strategies to improve.

These are just few tips on how to manage all of your social media effectively for success. Just remember that it is all about context. Don’t be afraid to let the personality of your company show in each campaign. This will create a stronger connection to your customers resulting to a guaranteed success.


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