Tips in Choosing The Right Web Design Company

Fifteen years ago, finding a web developer was easy because there were only several professional web developers at that time. In the same time, Google was still in its initial stage as a privately held company. Today, there are millions of web design companies that can easily be found on the internet. When you type the term “web design companies” in Google, it will provide you with more than 500 million results. And when you finally choose one from the crowd, most likely you will choose one which is listed in the first page, especially the one listed in the top three results.

There is nothing wrong with choosing a web design company ranked in the first page. However, you need to know that being listed in the first page does not guarantee that the web design companies are the best ones. When choosing a web design company, there are many factors that you have to consider so you can finally find a reliable company. Here are several simple steps to help you determine whether or not the company that you find in Google is the right company to handle your website project.

Look at Their Own Website
Your first impression is very important. If their website does not make any good impact on you, then how can they create a website that can impress your visitors?

Look for the Portfolio
Do not underestimate the capability of a web design company just because they have never developed a website for any business in your industry. Take a look at their portfolio. If you find impressive websites in their portfolio, that’s a good sign.

Know if You Can Trust Them
It is normal if they will try to convince you that their services can fulfill your needs. However, regardless of their portfolio, technologies, expertise or other factors, you need to ask yourself whether you can trust them or not. It will be a waste of money and time to use services from a company that you cannot trust.

Ask the Sales Team some Technical Questions
Good sales people do not need to have excellent technical knowledge. However, good sales people must know the services offered by their company, so when you explain your problems, they can explain correctly how their services can address your problems. If you do not have a good knowledge in web design, let your IT department to meet the sales people.

Know Who’s Going to Work on Your Website and Where is it Done
The sales people in the company may be great but programmers and designers are the ones who will actually build your website. Ask them where they live and whether they are part-time or full-time. Are they working in the office or home-based? It is highly recommended that you choose companies whose employees are in-house and working full time. The main reason is that if there is something wrong with your website, it can be fixed immediately.

Ask Who Will Own the Code
If the company does not hand over the codes and all the files to you in the end of the process, you have to blacklist the company. You pay them to build your website so you must possess all files and codes related to your website. This one needs to be clarified in the beginning.

In web design industry, the old saying “you get what you pay for” is indeed true. Although there is no standard checklist to help you make the right decision, the above steps can help you to go on the right direction and finally find a reliable web design company.


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  1. All this tips should be followed in order to get right web design company. Establish of the company is also matter while selecting the company. Also gives attention to the establishments of the company.

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