Best Web Design Trends of 2012

Best Web Designs for 2012


Web designs consistently change year after year. What have been developed the previous year have been improved or revamped totally to give way to better web design applications for the next year. The constant changing and updating of web designs have kept many web designers on their toes as they try and keep themselves updated and abreast with the current innovations and trends. Website design team in the Philippines never stops, similarly, in their quest for more practical yet functional approach of designing websites for their clients.

The year 2012 brought with it a wave of interesting design trends complete with enhancements or improvements from previous or older versions. The following, according to some web design experts are considered the best web design trends for 2012 as used in many websites dominating the World Wide Web:

      • HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery. HTML5 has gained quite a bit of traction in the last year or so. Major browsers are supporting HTML5 now and many website designers have tapped this application for their web design concepts. HTML5 capabilities are phenomenal as it allows web design team to create truly interactive experiences versus simple animations. Combining HTML5 with CSS3 and Javascript results to a rich playing field of interesting web design possibilities. Big brands like Apple and Google have used HTML5.
      • The Grid. The original objective of the grid was to streamline web development by using common dimensions in the design layout. Web designers use grid layouts, which can be aesthetically pleasing.

Grid Based Web Design -- Website Design Philippines

      • Large Background Images. In many ways, this web design trend is becoming a best practice. Used by web developers to maximize a smaller marketing budget to engage a wider audience, large background images are used. Large images usually draw a visitor in, creating more of an immersive user experience.
      • Mobile Compatibility and Responsive Layouts. Web designers can no longer ignore the demand and growth in mobile usage and therefore has to consider it in every web design. Responsive web design refers to how well a layout responds to the size of the screen. And since most web design clients require for their website to be available in mobile devices as well, mobile compatibility and responsive web design layout have become a necessary element integrated into the design of the website.
      • Typographic Layouts. This is an extremely effective and creative way to get the attention of the site visitors. With Typekit and Google Fonts, a website’s performance and accessibility are no longer hindered by extra images.

Typographic Layout Design -- Website Development Philippines

    • Social Media Integration. Social media integration on your website has become as important as basic navigation.  Most website designers include social media links on the website in a more prominent way highlighting its importance.
    • Illustration. This has been used for many years now. It always adds a humanistic dimension to website design. However, it has evolved and become more popular and has been made more integrated with full user experience.

With the continuing advancement in web design arena, more web design trends may be added to this list. Web design services companies and providers can anticipate more elements that will enhance and improve the visual appearance and functional performance of a website in the coming years. Expect more creative and appealing website designs in 2013.


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  1. Thanks, nice clean article that goes with what your suggesting the trends to be. I see a lot more simpler pages being build, bigger images with easy integration into social media channels.

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