Google Adwords Basics – 5 Things You Must Know To Do It Right The First Time

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Google AdWords has helped thousands of businesses to increase their profits in a relatively short time. If you are going to use AdWords for your PPC advertising, understanding the basics of PPC is very important to the success of your campaign. If you are a small to mid-sized business marketer, the following are five areas that you have to understand thoroughly so you can get the most advantage of AdWords PPC campaign.

1. Identify your campaign’s economic fundamentals
Before you start your pay-per-click campaign, there are several fundamental things that you need to figure out first, such as:

– What is your conversion goal?
– How do you measure the conversion?
– Does the conversion have a good impact to your business?
– If yes then how much are you willing to pay for it?
– Have you set up the conversion tracking correctly?

In reality, most advertisers who spend a large sum of money on PPC do not set up tracking tool properly. Answering the above questions is very important because the answers can help you to manage your AdWords campaign and make correct decisions.

2. Learn the right campaign settings
Different situations need different campaign settings. However, it does not mean that you have to split your ads groups into separate mobile and desktop/laptop campaigns right from the beginning. What you need to do is to learn all the available levels when creating your campaigns. Without learning the right campaign settings, you’ll end up in a messy campaign structure that is hard to manage later on.

3. Start with small campaign, perform, and expand
It is very important to effectively manage and track the progress of your campaigns and you must be prepared with a management cost when you run a large campaign. It is highly recommended to start small by choosing one group of products that you sell, choosing several locations to become your target markets, and determining the terms for the campaign. Repeat these trials and use the findings from these trials to become the foundation for a new, more established campaign.

4. Be mindful to campaign basics
The main idea here is to start small and targeted, and enhanced over time. The followings are five areas where you need to spend most of your time and optimization efforts:

Search Query Monitoring – Look closely at search queries and placements and be assertive with negative search queries.

Account Structure – Group your keywords tightly. Keep them targeted and relevant within an ad group. It’s important that you must know the difference between display ad groups and search ad groups.

Ad Copy – Create strong ads and try several different ads variations. Keep testing for better conversion.

Landing Pages – Create interesting landing pages. Make sure you optimize your website for users. Split test and make sure it converts visitors and achieve your goal.

Bid Management – use bid management to helps you track whether or not you are spending your money properly.

5. Consider the ways on how your campaigns may grow

After knowing the right campaign settings, making a good account structure, and creating effective display ads, you also have to think about the right ways to expand your campaigns later on. If you start small campaigns that focus on a certain region then it is advisable that you consider geographical driven account structure. When you are ready to expand your campaigns to target wider areas then you have to think the right account structure that best suits the target of your campaigns.

By understanding the fundamentals and figuring out the best ways to leverage your campaign, you will be able to achieve success with your campaign and start using other features, settings and tools within AdWords. In this way, you can create more effective campaigns over already profitable campaigns and avoid wasting money on PPC.


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