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Targeted Keywords

One of the ways to set up your adwords campaign correctly in the beginning is knowing how to choose your targetted keywords. Here are two simple aspects that you have to pay attention when choosing the right keywords.

  • Your Product or Service

Your targeted keywords must be very relevant with your product or service. It will be worthless to target the word “internet marketing” if in your ad group or ad copy you are targeting the service “search engine optimization”. There are several reasons why you have to follow this guideline; firstly broader keywords are very competitive and they cost very expensive, secondly you will get more quality visitors if you target more specific keywords because those visitors are in need of your service and most likely are ready to pay, when typing the targeted keywords.

  • Include your Targeted Location

Incorporating targeted location to your targeted keywords is very important. Geo-targeting can lead to more targeted visitors. For example, if you provide service to the entire USA then you have to add either “usa”, “us”, “america”, or “united states of america” to your keywords.

Use these two aspects to find the right keywords for your product or service. Remember, the right choice of keywords can yield greater revenues for your business.

If you want to conduct a deeper analysis to find more relevant keyword matches, you may use the Adwords Keyword Tool and other Keyword tools available online. It can be more complicated but it can avoid keyword matching that is too general.

Negative Keywords

When you have determined your targeted keywords, Adwords system usually provides you with several additional keywords that the system considers as related keywords to your targeted keywords. For example, if you offer a web design service in New York and you target “web design service in New York,” the Adwords system usually provides you with additional keywords like “web design in Washington.” These additional keywords are completely useless if your target is only New York. Therefore, “Washington” will be your negative.

You have to filter the additional keywords from the Adwords system carefully because some keywords may be related with your targeted keywords. If the additional keywords from the Adwords system have nothing to do with your specific target service/product, you can mark them as negative keywords. It is highly recommended that you also spend a little time to list negative keywords and blacklist them from your campaigns. Blacklisting negative keywords can help you to avoid wasting your budget.


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