Designing Ad Structure & Writing Best Ad Copy – Google Adwords Basic

Designing ads structure and writing compelling ads are very important in an AdWords campaign. Well-designed ads can help you to attract quality visitors, lower your average CPC, eventually increasing your adwords quality score, and generate higher revenues in the long term.

Rules – Read Adwords’ punctuation guideline carefully and obey all the rules so you can get the maximum results from your campaigns.

Focus – Make sure that each ad represents your specific product or service that you’re trying to promote. Make your ad tidy and attractive to achieve higher CTR.

Capital Letters – Capitalize the first letter of each main or important words to make your ads stand out. But avoid excessive all caps as it will violate the rules.

Display Price to Filter Clicks – If your product or service is in the price sensitive zone, then you may have to include the price of your product or service in your advert. This strategy is to discourage bargain hunters from clicking your advert. Displaying the price of your product or service will not only filter clicks, but it makes your campaigns cost-effective.

Call-to-Action – Make sure that you add a call-to-action in your advert to drive potential visitors to visit your website. “Sign up now..”, “Check our deals…”, “See others’ testimonials…”etc.

Display URL – Many reports have shown that short and interesting URLs have better conversion than standard URLs. To get a better conversion rate, you have to customize your display URL into something like this “yourdomain/Halloween-Deals.”

Do Trial and Error – Create at least 2 ads for each ad group, then evaluate the performance of each ad frequently. In this way, you know which ad works well and which ad that has low conversion. This is also referred as split testing. Keep writing new ads, and pause the non performing ads.

Dynamic Keywords Insertion – Visit the Adwords help section to get more information about dynamic keywords. Although it is a bit complex, proper use of dynamic keywords can lead to more clicks.

Apply all these tips and you’ll get great results from your campaigns. However, Google Adwords constantly updates their system and changing rules. Best to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest news from the adwords team itself by following


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