The Power of Google Display Network

Millions of people around the world spend more time online and a big chunk of that time is spent browsing through pages and pages of information and content. Any business would like to reach to these millions of people who are practically online almost 24/7. How?

Google Display Network or GDN to many is a tool that can reach to all those potential customers by displaying your ads in front of the viewing or browsing consumers. GDN helps create awareness about your business through the ads displayed on Google’s partner websites including specific Google websites like Gmail, Blogger, YouTube and Google Finance. This means you are reaching to a very wide range of browsers with varied interests and preferences.

In order to optimize the features of GDN, you need to find the right consumers or browsers from a myriad of websites at the right time. Google Display Network can help you achieve that in several ways including :

  • Using keywords and topics to reach users

The keywords will determine where your ads will land across the Google Display Network through Google AdWords. Your ads can show up in the screens of targeted audience that are more likely to take action.

  • Target specific websites or webpages

Google Display Network can put your ads on site or pages which have relevance to your business through placement targeting. Some of the sites or pages your ads can appear are online videos and games, mobile sites, mobile application sites, RSS feeds, etc. Similarly, you can block your ads from specific sites which have no relevance toy our business.

  • Find users who are target customers

You may opt to show your ads to specific groups of people – users who already know your business because they visited the site before. A remarketing campaign may be created for this user group by adding interest categories. They will be shown highly relevant messages as they browse the other sites on the Google Display Network.

One may generate awareness with the Google Display Network in four easy steps :

  • Build your ads

Create high-impact and attractive image and video ads by using the Display Ad Builder. There are pre-made ads or you may create your own using some blank templates. Any which way you use, make sure that the ads are appealing enough to catch the attention of the consumer. Remember they are not focused on your ads because they are on the site for other reasons. Your ads should distract them from what they are engaged into.

  • Pick relevant topics to target your customers

Topics should appeal to your target customers so be creative and pick topics that will get their attention.

  • Manage your campaign

An automatic bidding tool will prompt AdWord to automatically set the budget on your ads. The key is maximizing the number of clicks and paying only for those successful clicks.

  • Track your investment

A reporting tool, Reach and Frequency Reporting may be generated to determine the number of people reached by your ads. This will also report how frequent the ads were viewed.

Many businesses turned to the power of GDN and reaped substantial success in attracting customers, building customer loyalty and increasing brand awareness. Your business may also engage with the customers by delivering compelling messages about your business through display ads with GDN.


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