SEO Techniques That You Can Do For Your Business – DIY

An SEO’s ultimate objective is to get the website within the first two pages of search engines. Alongside with this is an extra bonus of increasing the Google page ranking for the same website. While there are business owners who have entrusted those tasks to a reliable SEO company, some who don’t have the available resources can do some things on their own to improve their site’s ranking.

  • Commitment and Patience

SEO is an ongoing process and not one you can work on once and keep it on auto-pilot mode. Search engines are constantly changing in terms of algorithms and one has to update the website to adapt to those changes. It requires a long-term commitment and an undeniable enormous storage for patience. Search engine optimization may take months before showing any signs of the website on the SERPs. It’s a continuous effort that needs constant monitoring for updates.

  • Stay in the Loop

Optimization of a website requires your constant updating and staying in the loop for any SEO technique changes caused by certain updates. The write-ups on search engines and search engine optimization topics are well distributed on the web and you can access them anytime to get the information you need for your business.

  • Be Clear with your Goals

Having a clearly defined set of goals, you will know what your site needs. There are many analysis tools available in the web which you can use to determine what works for your site and those that are not producing results. A constant or regular monitoring of your activities will lead you to the necessary action which will get your site on the first page of the search engine results. The reports generated by those web analytic tools will help you address the areas which need adjustment or changes.

  • Spiders and Site Map Page

For pages to be indexed, spiders will be looking for a site map page. This will get the spiders into the relevant pages in your site and understand the site’s hierarchy. Large sites would need more site map pages of about 75 links.

  • Use PPC

This is a worthy investment because it will give you the actual search volume data for the keywords you created for your site. This is a good tool which you can use to identify your effective keywords and those which bring no results.

  • Title and Meta description

Search engines look for a page title to determine what the particular page is about and link it to the search query results if it has relevance to the query. Both the title and meta description should include a keyword or two to encourage searchers to click on your site.

  • Link Building

Building links from trusted directories or sites or even inbound links to your competitors will help your site page rank increase with the link building technique. In essence, linking to other sites will most likely get some sites linking back to your site.

  • Maximize Social Media

For some businesses, the use of social media works wonders. By being an active contributor to the site, with valuable inputs and information, members of such social media community will be encouraged to engage in interaction and communication. Social media like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and Quora or Yahoo Answers.

  • Utilize the Search Engine Tools

By using the search engine-based tools like Google Webmaster Central, Bing Webmaster Tools or Yahoo Site Explorer, you will understand how search engines see your site and the number of inbound links they have seen or noticed so far.
Doing SEO techniques hands-on will make a business owner have a better understanding of how online businesses need well-optimized sites.


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