PPC: Ultimate Tool to Reaching Targeted Market

PPC or Pay Per Click is a form of advertising where owners of websites are paid every time the advertisers’ ad is clicked. You find PPC in search result pages prominently displayed in specific part of the website in colored or highlighted boxes. It displays advertisement on websites that allows placement of the ads.

PPC Companies / Publishers

It is estimated that around 30% of online purchases are made through PPC. Some of the largest PPC companies are Google Adwords, Yahoo Search, and Bing AdCenter. There are other smaller publishers of ppc like Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon, Linkedin, ABC Search, 7Search, and SearchFeed among others. Google Adwords is by far the largest and most popular PPC company. The rest, though smaller, still offers vast opportunities for businesses to reach their identified markets.

PPC concept is very simple, though there are still people who are in a quandary on how PPC works. If you own a business, you can buy search engine traffic based on placement or keywords relevant to your business and targeted audience. You only pay for every click made on that keyword or placement. However, search engines like Google and Bing are consistently updating their platform to improve user experience, thus making the system more complex and sophisticated.

Budget & Cost
The best way to ensure that budget and cost-per-click are kept to a minimum in Google Adwords, is to be certain that you have a high traffic stream or high clickthrough rate. Google and Bing provide a free “how to” reports and pdf’s on their websites on how to effectively use keywords, write ads, and manage your campaigns.

PPC advertising is cheaper than a full program complement of the SEO on the onset. In the long run however, a good SEO will be a better alternative to PCC since it will be relatively cheaper and more cost effective if done properly. If you’re not a ppc expert and you don’t wanna waste your time learning how to effectively manage your account, then ppc management outsourcing may be your option.


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  1. One of the coolest features we starting using is the click to call feature for mobile devices. Its pretty easy to setup, you just have to go in under the ad extensions tab and select the call extensions selection to set it up. Google charges on a per call basis but its a lot cheaper and more cost-effective than paying per click we also have the upgraded service which allows you to track and record our calls but that’s done separately. If you’re interested in that, I recommend you call Simon his number is 302-401-4478 and email is simon.b@resultsdriven.org. We’ve been using him to manage our campaigns for the last 2 years and leads are pretty steady.

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