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How to Optimize Facebook Posts -- outsource online marketing


Social media marketing is an important part of any online marketing campaign for businesses aimed at increasing traffic to its site and improving overall business activities. With the huge market offered by social media sites and networks, many website owners are pushing their efforts towards social media marketing.

But social media marketing also needs SEO. Online marketing outsourcing experts are aware that interaction on social media sites is very dynamic and as such providing continuous flow of new and updated content is extremely important. Blogs or posts need to have the necessary optimization elements in order to achieve the desired results for the business. Some of the time-tested optimization techniques are listed below:

  • Facebook users consume content fast. They are always looking for new information and content. This should be considered when posting social content. Timing is critical. You should be able to hit the target customer at exactly the right time – the time that Facebook users are in the right mood to go through your social contents of posts, and when they are in the right mood to respond to it.
  • Focus on refining high quality content (taking in SEO elements like keywords, links, etc.) and post it across the social media community.
  • Engage with Facebook users. They are also social consumers. Create content which will get the interest and attention of the Facebook community. It is important to listen, learn and engage.
  • Less is more. For those involved in internet marketing outsourcing, this cannot be overemphasized. Pushing marketing efforts in tens of thousands Facebook followers who are not engaging with your post (brand) is a total waste. It is better to have a thousand active and engaging followers than 10, 000 who are not giving your content any attention.
  • Offer unsolicited help or advice. Facebook communities do take note of and appreciate those that make sincere attempts to help each other. Provide useful and helpful tips. The effort will pay off some time. Invest in helping others to reap rewards.
  • Pay attention to what the Facebook communities have to say about your content; about other’s content. This will help you determine what they are interested in, or what they are looking for, etc. You can then cater your campaign to such information.
  • Use Facebook to support customer initiatives. This is a good way to engage your Facebook community. If there is a new trend in social media, encourage the community to try the new trend together. The resulting exchange of information about such an event is sure to go viral.
  • Your Facebook community might include industry partners or business affiliates. Encourage and politely request them to talk about your brand, product or services within the Facebook community. This is a very effective and powerful way to sound off your marketing messaging.
  • Get the attention of Facebook users by using interesting and eye-catching images. Photo posting at Facebook will get the users to pause for a while to check what the image or photo is all about.
  • Set target specifics. Now, Facebook came up with target specifics like gender, age, location, interests, education, status and even language. A more defined audience can see your page posts if your post is not for the general public’s view. Setting your specifics on each post reaches a more targeted audience who are likely to read and talk about your post.

If you truly want to leverage on your social media campaigns, you have to make some tweaks on your posts to be sure that the right audience will see your posts at the right time. Doing so will increase user engagement and would create interactivity amongst users and page administrators. Thus, a relationship was already established between consumers and producers.


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