How to Identify if Your SEO is an Expert on the Field


Like most business entrepreneurs, small business owners are cognizant of the importance of keeping high online visibility through a website.  Web designers are hired to develop and create a visually appealing website. An expert in search engine optimization is engaged to provide for the optimization needs of the website in order to achieve high ranking on the search engines results page and high website visibility for the searchers or users.

 The high demand for SEO nowadays has presented the market with deceitful SEO, low-quality service providers, and unfortunately, outright SEO scammers. This has caused many business owners to hesitate in hiring an SEO for fear of ending up with a scammer.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to check or test your SEO on his or her expertise on the field.

  • Check if the optimization expert can answer your questions confidently. You may need to do some advance research on SEO techniques and strategies to be able to determine if the SEO’s answers match the standard and acceptable optimization practices. Throw in some questions like any other business owner would and pay attention on how the SEO will respond to pointed questions. You should be looking for someone who can answer the questions with honesty and confidence. The SEO expert should be able to explain details logically and reasonably.

  • Expert SEO utilizes a strategic approach leveraging a site’s unique offerings regardless what they are. SEO that gives you a quotation by the page is using a short-sighted approach that is not likely to benefit your business. The SEO expert is just after making money from the pages created and not from the goals achieved.

  • SEO is basically organic. An expert in the field would be able to achieve positive results without having to ask the business owner to implement fast-results non-organic methodologies like paid advertising, etc. Site optimization requires creativity, innovation and openness to new organic strategies. Packaged SEO can impose restrictions on the overall optimization campaign which will definitely not benefit your business.

  • Watch out for SEO that uses techniques that put your website at risk with search engines policies. This includes link buying or cloaking to deceive users and search engines, stealing content from other websites, etc. These are also known as black hat SEO – using techniques aimed at tricking the search engines into finding the site as relevant when it is in reality, not.

  • SEO is a continuing process and no expert will make a definitive claim on getting results within a specified time frame especially for organic site optimization. Don’t fall into false guarantees in terms of achieving the results.

  • Your expert SEO should be able to create multiple quality content for the website. Without this, the website may not stand a chance of being ever found by searchers. Constant updating of the information on the site is required and the expert SEO should know this in the same way that he would know that searchers or users are constantly looking for new and latest information in whatever it is they are looking for.

Ultimately, an expert SEO should exercise complete compliance with search engine guidelines in order to keep the integrity, reputation and authority of your website in the industry. Stay away from SEO who would suggest short-cut tactics to achieve the desired results. In the long run, it will do your business more harm than good.

It is best to be vigilant and be meticulous in hiring an internet marketing company who can provide you with the best search engine optimization service which surpasses the industry standard for your business to be at its optimal performance.


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