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Just like in any business, competition abounds. SEO is no exception. Your website should be optimized properly in order to be more popular and more relevant than the existing and would be competitors, in order to succeed.

Websites that make use of search engine optimization strategies and techniques should know that the following elements are critical in the SEO campaign – keyword research, site usability and structure, link building, and relevant and updated content, etc.

Unfortunately, one of the most overlooked and ignored SEO strategy is monitoring and tracking your progress. Implementing the best SEO practices without knowing how your efforts are helping the business, i.e., monitoring the progress just makes no sense. With all the updates being done by major search engines, one has to be on top of his game in terms of utilizing the best SEO tools to check if you are successful in your optimization efforts.

  • Google SEO Tools. Apparently, Google has the widest array of tools that can be used to check your success or failure.  AdWords Keyword Tool is probably one of the most popular keyword tool on the internet. Google’s keyword tool is great with only one downside – you cannot use it to analyze competition. Other keyword tools are YouTube keyword tool, Google Insights, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Google Page Speed Online, and Google’s Real Time Insights Finder – Marketing Tool.
  • Tynt SEO. Copied excerpts of your content and attributes a link to the original source is an acceptable practice and poses no problem for the content source. The problem is when your contents don’t get the proper attribution. This tool basically inserts a certain code on every single page of your site. This code allows automatic generation of attribution link when text or images from your page get copied by external users. The attribution link will lead back to where the content was extracted from. With this tool, you are able to build links back to your site. This tool also generates some cool SEO reports like number of users that copied your content.
  • Microsoft SEO ToolKit. This SEO ToolKit allows you to review your website, see the results and make the necessary changes the tool recommends. It provides detailed analysis and search engine friendly recommendations to help improve the relevance of your website in search results right away. The toolkit checks for broken links, missing tags, missing alt tags, larger scripts, and other SEO violations.
  • GTMetrics. This is quickly becoming a favorite tool used to analyze and test page speed online. This tool can check Google Page Speed and Yahoo YSlow score of any web site. The information generated from such analysis is very useful since page loading time is one of the factors used by Google to determine rankings. GTmetrix will provide detailed explanations of what is not working on your site and ways you can implement to improve it.
  • SEO Doctor. This is a FireFox Addon –  a great “flyby” and simple tool, made for both beginners and seasoned SEOs. Main features of this tool include identifying potential problems and assigning a score for your pages based on currently accepted SEO practices; showing link structure and help monitor page rank flow for your site pages; and detecting and warning about non-indexable pages on your site.

Most of the SEO tools mentioned here are free. Some are web-based, some can be downloaded, and some are browser add-ons. With the help of these search engine optimization tools, you could always check on your standing and which strategies are working for your campaign. Knowing which tactics are working will lessen your non-working efforts and will eventually free you from doing what might harm your campaign.

Internet marketing is a game of survival and at the same time, a game without definite formula. To stay on top of your game, you need to keep your eyes and ears open and be able to react quickly with the changes made every now and then. In the Philippines, a lot of good SEO outsourcing company does well in the online marketing field and utilizes every SEO tools to keep up with steep competition.


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