Do You Have the Right SEO?

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As a business person in this day of modern technology, one needs to keep abreast of the many technological innovations which are being integrated into the business. These innovations are deemed very important in getting your business right where it should be – on the screens of the millions of internet users all over the planet. And swaying away from the traditional business practices, which no doubt helped the many successful companies be where they are now, businesses these days take advantage of the many benefits offered by using technology in all business activities of your company.

Having a website will easily make your business reach millions if you know the best search engine optimization practices and techniques. SEO as it is known in the online community has to be the working partner of your website if your goal is to put your site on every desktop monitor, or mobile phone screens.

A good SEO company will definitely help push your business land on the pages of search engines. There are many techniques and strategies that SEO can implement to do that. That’s the heart of their function – make sure that your website lands on the search engine result pages (SERPs), whenever a user or a potential customer activates the search box with a query related to the product or service your business is offering. Now the question is, “Do you have the right SEO for your site?”

To answer this question, one needs to understand how a website is optimized. With this knowledge you will be able to determine if your SEO is employing acceptable optimization practices that will work for your site and eventually bring you gainful positive results.

There are three on-page optimization components that you need to know about:

  • Content

There should be no debate on this because the heart of a good website is quality, relevant content. Your site should have the necessary information that is helpful to the users who clicked on your page during a search query. If your content is rubbish and is not relevant to the information needed by the user, it is very likely that your site will just float elsewhere and the search engines will not be able to offer to the searchers. It is important to note that your SEO should be creating quality content geared towards the users, visitors and plain readers.

  • Code

If the content will generate the right words to signal the search engine bots for the queries activated by searchers, code is that part of optimizing the site and its content for search engines. Content is for readers, code is for search engines. This should be clear. Code means you have to ‘dress up’ the site content so the search engines will ‘see’ or ‘read’ them. This involves using keywords – they best describe your post or content, in the title, description or body of your content. Another element is the theme you are putting your content into. Most webmasters will recommend WordPress as the best platform to use because it takes care of 70% of the technical issues required for search engine optimization.

  • Site architecture

In plain words, this is usability, site navigation to others. Your site should be equipped with the right tools or mechanism to give the best user experience and accessibility for search engine bots to crawl into your site and pick up the relevant information needed for site indexing. Your site should have excellent page speed and link structure for search engine bots to easily find their way into your site and read through your content and mark your site for specific search queries.

Having a fairly good knowledge and understanding of all three components will allow you to assess the SEO proposal for your site awaiting your approval. It will feel real good to understand the language in the proposal which you probably would not have any idea on if you didn’t make any effort to do some research on those SEO techniques and strategies. Now, you are confident that you have the right or maybe the best SEO for your website and your business.


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