Who Should Consider Marketing Outsourcing

Consider Marketing Outsourcing

The business of outsourcing is not an overnight phenomenon as this has been around for many, many years. It has been traditionally done with Accounting or Information Technology. Recent years have seen an expanded array of services which many companies have been willing to subcontract to another party – customer service, human resources, and recruitment among others. With the changing consumer mindset and economic conditions, outsourcing is a relief seen by many business owners from huge overhead expenses.

Outsourcing the marketing needs of your business is an idea met with enthusiasm and positivism. It enables you to add experience, leadership, and expertise without the usual costs associated if adding full-time personnel for the purpose.

Aside from the financial savings of outsourcing your online marketing, there are other benefits that go with it:

  • Invaluable contribution in terms of expertise in marketing strategy, management and implementation

  • Provide an unbiased, fresh, outside perspective on your business and industry

  • Offset the impact of marketing staff reduction

  • Hire only for tasks needed and when they are needed

  • Maintain a sense of priority and focus with critical projects with the knowledge that your need will be attended to by the outsourcing company

Who Should Consider Marketing Outsourcing?

With such benefits and advantages, outsourcing may be seen as a logical choice for every company with the need to grow its business. But not all companies may adapt to the concept of outsourcing. Certain characteristics of a company’s culture are necessary to maximize and fully capitalize on the benefits of outsourcing.

Some companies choose to stay smart in today’s volatile business environment which requires access to resources that are well versed in current practices or techniques across all marketing disciplines. Others welcome innovation but may have difficulty in keeping abreast with the overflow of innovation across the digital world.

Foremost is the company’s culture of innovation. Those companies that are open and committed to innovation understand the importance of prioritizing that function above all others. At the same time, such firms are more “culturally adaptable” to take advantage of the innovative approach entailed by marketing outsourcing. These companies will accept the changes resulting from such innovations but not without completely understanding what the trade-off is.

How about companies that constantly looks for ‘best-price’ deal for marketing services? They are usually unable to appreciate the strategic capability a knowledgeable outsourced marketing team can offer the company. These companies not only missed on the benefits of outsourcing but they fail in getting the marketing concepts up and working for the business.

There are other companies that can possibly adapt to the concept of marketing outsourcing. They are:

  • Companies that undergo rapid expansion into new geography

  • Companies that experience a sudden growth surge

  • Companies that have a compelling need to reduce overhead and employees

  • Companies that are spin-offs from the parent company

From how it looks, it seems that only the innovators qualify in venturing into marketing outsourcing. Their culture of innovation certainly makes up for what is required by outsourcing companies and that is openness to new technologies, strategies, and unconventional practices.


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