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Google has always been on the lookout for ways to serve internet searchers with the highest quality content possible in the World Wide Web. This objective drives them to constantly update their algorithms hoping to weed out undeserving contents out of the cyber world. They keep on developing new ways to help users and searchers find the most relevant information they need from the gazillion contents floating in the internet cyberspace. They have launched Google+ and authorship as an interesting option for Google+ users and recently, Authorship Analytics.

Authorship Analytics show traffic to pages identifying you as the author of such page, where the content that you have published using your Google+ account is connected through the Rel=Author markup. When someone clicks your page and your content appears as a result of a search/click, the user will view your page presented with a link to your Google+ profile, thumbnail image and the number of circles you belong to on the social network. This Authorship Analytics is found just below the “Have You in Circles” tab on the right hand section of your Google+ profile page. Clicking this tab will take the users to a new page where all the pertinent analytics data are presented, giving the users a comprehensive overview of the performance of your published content.


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There are two simple steps involved in using Google Authorship Analytics:

  • Create a Google+ profile page. Upload a high quality headshot and complete the information as much as you can.
  • Go to Sign up with your email and click on the verification link Google will send you. For those who don’t want to verify their email address, they can also link their content to their Google profile.

Authors will be able to check how their Google+ profile is appearing in search results and their click through rate. This Google tool is good for authors to distinguish and validate their contents in search results, to get more followers on Google+ and to help users discover your other content on the web. Similarly, Google Authorship Analytics is good for the web as it helps users find high quality and relevant content and it empowers users to engage with quality content authors through Google+. Users will be able to screen the pages that show up in their search results and click only those whose analytics show good performance.


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Google Authorship Analytics work both for content writers and content marketers. Content writers who sign up for Google Authorship Analytics can claim their articles, gain recognition and have higher search rankings through Google+. They will have firsthand information and insight into the performance of their work/content. It is also a fascinating insight on how Google continues to incorporate social media and how it can benefit the users or searchers.

With Authorship, searchers can find authors they know and trust. In this sense, content marketers will know and identify who has gained trust and authority in the search results of Google. They can use this information in planning their SEO campaigns and activities for the sites they are developing. Also, Google authorship shows a writer’s expertise. It let users identify a writer’s niche through the articles the writer have written. You can also refer to this article to better understand how Google authorship affects ranking in search.


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