Google+ Gets Big, Image-Heavy Redesign

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All Google+ users did not have to wait that long to see another major layout redesign, the Senior Vice President Vic Gundotra revealed at the I/O 2013, when Google+ made available the new design and layout of Google’s social network. That’s all the more reason why one should use Google+ now.

The redesign resembled the attractive Google+ layout adopted for its iPad and Android tablet apps in June of last year. It has a three column-wide grid of cards that replaces the long list of photos, posts and comments which currently make up the Google+ stream. Its image-focused design features high-resolution photos and videos take up the full screen width.

One Column View

An option to switch to a one-column view is also available. Google seems to be expecting that by exposing the users and visitors to more visual content at once, they might find something that intrigues or pokes their interests quicker.

Google added 41 new features to Google+ as part of an effort to make it more intuitive and look smarter. Bigger pictures and related hashtags will all help towards that end. The giant search company apparently didn’t just want a new layout for Google+ stream but they were turning it into more of a proper app instead of a website. Included in the new design are some neat and stylish animations that can make using Google+ more fun than before. Clicking on a card will flip it over to reveal comments. And when you want to write a new post, a click on the button on the top right flies a window onto your screen to give you the spot to compose your post.


Google also added related hashtags to the stream to allow users and visitors to share and follow. If say, you’re following a sports team, Google+ will tag it for you by adding #SFGiants, for example. Or sharing the new Google+ may be done #googlepluslove. Alternatively, you can always speak your mind using the Google+ official page with the Google+ community manager or with the Google Feedback feature in Google+.

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Auto Awesome

Google also made announcements on a series of features to improve photos. There’s “auto awesome” which uses a set of photos in your library to create an animated GIF. Google says it can do a lot of enhancements on the photos through “auto awesome”. There’s “auto enhance” which improves the quality of your photo with a click of a button, making auto adjustments on contrast, brightness, focus, saturation and other elements that make a high-quality and fantastically-rendered photo.

Auto Backup

And there’s also “auto backup” which is also known as instant upload. This feature will automatically backup mobile pictures immediately after they are taken. And for all of these enhancement features, Google gives you a place to play around with it before doing them on the actual pictures.

In addition to all photo-related features, Google’s messaging service Hangouts is integrated into the Google+ redesign, releasing Hangout apps for iOS, Chrome and Android. Full streamlined platforms get rid of the messy Google Talk, Video Hangouts and Google Messenger. This is a long-overdue change that Google users will definitely welcome.

With these changes and redesign features, Google hopes to attract users to Google+ just like other social media sites attract users to their platforms.


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