Why Outsource Your SEO to the Philippines


There is no doubt that more and more people are now using search engines via the internet as the first point of research. Statistics have it that over 93% of the people browsing the web are looking for information or data about something they need to know about – product, service or just plain help with specific things. This is why, majority of the businesses aiming for maximum online visibility focus their efforts in search engine optimization strategies in order to achieve high ranking with search engines.

Websites of various businesses aim for first page ranking on search engine results pages or SERPs. How it is achieved is through implementing search engine optimization strategies to make the website get a good ranking for targeted keywords. Many different and legitimate techniques and strategies may be implemented on a website to achieve this ultimate objective.

Due to the global inter-connectivity of the world, outsourcing has become an integral business concept that most businesses cannot do without. Imagine the endless available human resources of highly qualified and experienced professionals who can do specific tasks for you and your business or website like search engine optimization, web design, social media marketing, internet marketing, among other tasks. And most businesses turn to developing countries like the Philippines and India for their outsourcing needs as these two countries are the leaders in the outsourcing industry to date.

The Philippines is continuing to grow its outsourcing industry with great forecasts of doubling its global market share by 2016. It has outranked India, its outsourcing rival for many years. The Philippines has plenty of flourishing outsourcing businesses as a response to the increasing demand. And at the rate things are going, the outsourcing industry is considered as one of the biggest if not the biggest source of revenue for the government. It is said to have already exceeded the remittance of its OFW (overseas Filipino worker).

There are many reasons why companies turn to the Philippines for their SEO outsourcing requirements:

    • The Filipinos have excellent command of the English language, both written and spoken, the English language being the second language spoken in the country. The standards used is American English although British English is also easily adapted if there is a need or requirement.
    • The Filipinos have a better familiarity with the Western culture – American culture in particular, that it is easier to understand what the US companies require or need in terms of SEO outsourcing.
    • The labor cost is significantly cheaper and lower compared to cost of labor from counterpart countries from the Western world and other parts of the world offering the same services. US companies can enjoy as much as 200% markdown on the tag prize if they engage an outsourcing partner from the Philippines.
    • The country is teeming with highly competent professionals trained for various outsourcing skills.
    • The Filipinos are dedicated, honest, and professional workers who are not known to shortchange anyone in terms of agreed deliverables.
    • The Filipinos deliver high quality standard of services.
  • The global connectivity in the Philippines is stable and reliable.

Outsourcing to an SEO specialist in the Philippines gives the western companies the opportunity not only to have huge savings on overhead costs but also to have a highly systematic management of site optimization. With a team of experienced and technically skilled professionals of diverse expertise, no optimization strategy, or technique is impossible or unachievable.


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