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What is Long-Tail Keyword -- Online Marketing Outsourcing


Every SEO or webmaster knows of what role keywords play in optimization. When writing relevant and compelling content for a site, it has to use relevant keywords so that search engines will be able to rank the site accordingly. Online marketing outsourcing companies place similar importance to keywords when they create their ads or other online marketing materials. And that’s because search engines locate sites according to relevant keywords used by the internet searchers.

But what are long tail keywords? How do these keywords impact optimization of a site? Long tail keywords are a type of keyword phrase that has at least three to as many as six words in the phrase. This type of keywords is used when the website wants to refine search terms to the web page. In other words, these are the keywords used by the searcher when looking for highly specific information.

Like regular keywords, long tail keywords are used to define the contents of a web page and what the website owner wants to be found by the search engine crawlers. These keywords like the regular and normal keywords aim to get the website on the SERPs. But unlike the regular keywords, long tail keywords are highly specific and tend to draw less traffic for the website. What long tail keywords tend to draw is more quality or targeted traffic that will in all likelihood lead to more conversions than the normal keywords.

When used in PPC bidding, long tail keywords are more cost-effective as there are not as many people attempting to place bids on such keywords for PPC ads on SERPs. And this is important for small or startup internet marketing outsourcing companies. If the target is more specific, the chances of achieving the desired conversion run high at a lesser cost.

When visitors use long tail keywords, they are being specific and accurate about what they are looking for. When a visitor wants information on ‘blue suede shoes’, it is more logical to put the entire phrase instead of just using ‘suede shoes’ or ‘blue shoes’. Long tail keywords in effect filter out the search to be confined to the specifics dictated by the search. It is therefore, important that internet marketing outsourcing specialists have a good knowledge on long tail keywords that they should use in their internet marketing campaigns.


Long-tail keyword -- Internet Marketing Outsourcing


The main reasons why a business should focus on using long tail keywords are:

  • They can easily rank in search engines
  • There is less competition
  • They will not be present in keyword database because search volume is very minimal and therefore not many website owners or publishers will use them
  • They can boost targeted traffic
  • They can boost conversion

To be successful in using long tail keywords, internet marketing outsourcing companies should know which long tail keywords are actually searched for on the major search engines. And to be able to get that information, they need to do some research to find which long tail keywords that will likely produce quality traffic to your site. Some steps that can be done to find long tail keywords are:

  • Through brainstorming. Step into a user’s shoe and conduct an imaginary search or ask friends and relatives to suggest long tail keywords if they were to search for specific products.
  • Competitor Analysis. Check competitor’s product page and find what long tail keywords they have used.
  • Check your log files for long tail keywords. Your log files should show what long tail keywords people have used to find your website.
  • Use Google Adwords. Since Google is a major search engine, you might want to look at a monthly search volume of the long-tail keyword you have in mind to ensure that there are searches being done by internet users.

Long-tail keyword is specific, targeted, less competitive, and converts better than general or short-tail keywords. If you have a newly established website and wants to make good branding and impression, then, using long-tail keyword in search engine optimization effort is your best choice to rapidly appear in organic search. The same route can be taken by businesses who have old websites to boost ranking.


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