TOP 5 Reasons Why Content Marketing Wins Over Link Building

Content Marketing & Link Building

Online marketing has now become a very dynamic and important aspect in a company’s marketing campaigns mainly because the internet has been the main contributor of globalization, connecting people around the world. Since the birth of this revolutionary concept, online marketers have created ways and processes to amplify their products or services online.

Search Engine Optimization is one popular technique and one aspect of it is Link Building. Companies hire SEO experts to build links in order for their website to be visible to users who uses the internet to search. It has its glory days until some practices are being monitored closely by search engines such as Google, mainly because of spamming. So what comes next if Link Building will no longer be effective? You may wanna consider focusing on content marketing. Here’s our reason why.

TOP 5 Advantages of Content Marketing over Link Building
1. Content marketing is natural. You will eventually build links when people share your blog socially, link to it, and make buzz about it simply because for them it’s interesting. Compared to building links, you have to ask people and wait for them to accept or deny your request. They’ll add you in their site because you ask them to, not because they actually like you.

2. It’s defendable to search engine’s algo update. Making content marketing a center of your SEO strategies will make your business see greater rewards from the search engine, because it’s functional and people can make use of them.

3. Content value is easier to measure than of a link. No one could really tell how much a ‘link’ is worth. But you could tell how much revenue that a content has generated for your business. Additionally, you will know how many links a piece of content has generated, how many referral visits it’s received, number of social votes, and how much organic search traffic it has created.

4. It’s cheaper to hire a writer than a link builder. Link building is very technical in a way. It requires real SEO skill to be effective, thus SEO experts are becoming expensive. Hiring a good copy writer on the other hand is a lot cheaper. All you need is someone who’s good at blogging, creative, and knows how to generate social attention.

5. Content marketing is more entertaining and pleasurable to do. We surf the internet to find content and topics that interest us. We go to social media sites to see what makes us laugh and touches our heart, then share it to people we care about. This is a strategy that google’s algorithm wants SEO people to do – give the user what they want.

So instead of getting worried about Google penalizing your SEO tactics and strategies, stick to content marketing. Aside from being ultimately less risky than link building, it is also fun to do. Also, there are plenty of social networking sites where you can post your content for millions of people to see. Post 1 a day, before you know it, your company will be on the path to success.


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