Philippines as the Best Offshore Outsourcing Hub for SEO

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an integral part of online marketing process. SEO services facilitate brand visibility and higher search engine rankings. For most businesses, the importance of search engine optimization is not to be ignored because achieving increased online visibility and higher rankings with search engines will largely depend on the search engine optimization strategies implemented for the business’ website.

The Philippines has innumerable SEO Companies mostly sought by foreign clients like the United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and European countries. Its biggest rival is India, but reports have it that the Philippines may soon emerge as the best offshore outsourcing hub for SEO. Industry experts are predicting that by 2016 the industry is bound to grow to US$20 billion in terms of revenue and 900,000 in terms of employees.

Like any other business process outsourced to the Philippines, the Filipinos continues to deliver expert and professional services in terms of online marketing outsourcing. Having in-depth research and development to the methodologies used in the said field to stay current is a standard in Philippine SEO companies. Quickly adapting to changes to keep up with the ever demanding search standard is one of the things Filipinos possess in order to deliver promised results.

Why the Philippines?

There are hundreds if not thousands of SEO company in the Philippines, equipped with the necessary experience, expertise, training and skills. The Philippine culture and orientation is familiarly close to the western culture, thus allowing for a better understanding of the needs of the clients from the US and other western countries. In terms of business principles, the Philippines stand very close to the principles adhered to by the western counterparts.

More importantly, the Philippines have thousands of technically skilled and highly trained workers whose righteous orientation and work ethics are not matched by rivals like India. The Filipino workers are known globally to deliver the expected results from the tasks given to them. They are preferred because of their unique working qualities, earning them the respect and high regard of most of the overseas employers or business counterparts.

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The Philippines is proud to have 80% of the labor market to be literate. Workers are multi-lingual, the country being the second largest English-speaking country in the world. The language edge has become the Philippines’ top qualification followed by its expertise in search engine optimization and other online marketing services.

Due to Google’s algorithm update, which penalizes spammy websites, more SEO businesses were directed to SEO Company in the Philippines because of their ethically compliant optimization methodologies and practices. This has proven the integrity and high ethical values of the Filipino workers. Hence, a lot of overseas companies have turned to the SEO savvy island of the Philippines for much of their SEO services requirements.

Today, there are thousands of SEO practitioners from the various search engine optimization companies providing services for companies in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and other western countries. This shows that a great number of international companies are relying on the Filipino workforce in terms of digital marketing, particularly search engine optimization to successfully deliver their search engine optimization requirements and needs.

To sum it up, the Philippines has proven to the international market that it is the best country when it comes to outsourcing their SEO services. Choosing the Philippines will give the following benefits to the international company: lower labor cost, highly skilled human resources, culture adaptability and compatibility, language and government support. In no time, it is expected that more international companies will outsource their operations in the Philippines to take advantage of these benefits and to keep up with their competitors who are already availing the services of the Filipino SEO experts.


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