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What are Logo and Banner

Banner and logo designs are amongst the most powerful tools for effective online marketing. You can either design them on your own or extend the design job to an expert. The advantage of outsourcing experts to do the design job is that they are likely to come up with a superior design. This is because they are not only experts but they will not be biased. Creativity is a gift, if you don’t have it, then have someone else do the work for you.

A banner is usually a branding tool that is usually placed on top of your website. Depending on your respective needs the banner can either be designed as a static banner or an animated one. A banner can also be used in affiliate websites to market your online business. On the other hand, a logo can either be a brief textual representation or a striking image that represents the type of business you engage in. in other words, your business’s logo should be designed in a unique way for it to set your business apart from competitors’.

The Need of a Logo & Banner

A picture is worth a thousand words. A well designed logo and a banner may be an extension of this maxim. A banner or a logo is a summary of your online business, represented by an image. When the two are designed well and placed in strategic places, they can generate unlimited traffic to your website.

Banners and logos are also effective for generating income and are also proven effective for those who are doing affiliate marketing or simply just an image that makes your website look more appealing.

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