How Can Content Marketing Improve Your SEO Ranking

Outsource online marketing -- How Content Marketing Improve Your SEO Ranking

Without any doubt, web users are content hungry. They are always looking for information, be it new or old. It is therefore important that the internet marketing companies charged to handle the online marketing activities of their client’s website deliver compelling content, relevant and well-crafted for the full consumption of the web readers. Contents can engage customers and make them revisit the sites as many times as they need to. Outsource online marketing experts are aware of this, that’s why they continuously update their sites with the latest and accurate informational content relevant to the needs of the readers.

Webmasters capitalize on content in their optimization strategies to improve the site’s SEO ranking. With the growing demand for compelling and quality content, optimization experts are directing their efforts in creating and marketing the content in demand. Content marketing improves SEO rankings and traffic, in addition to the quantifiable response derived from these marketing campaigns.

How then can content marketing improve your SEO ranking?

1. Write Guest Blog Posts for Authoritative Sites. By doing this, you are establishing your authority in the industry. By writing contents for other sites, you can be considered as a thought leader in the industry. People who have read your posts will see you as an authority in the industry with valuable information to share. Your site tends to gain in this by having the customers of that site you wrote for visit your site through the links you have integrated into the guest post. If your guest post is compelling enough, your new visitors can link back to your site for some pertinent information or detail.

There is a catch in doing guest posting nowadays. Google is smart enough to know that you are guest posting your blogs just to acquire backlinks from authority sites. To eliminate the chances of getting hit by updates, be sure that you don’t just do guest blogging for the sake of acquiring quality backlinks. Before anything else, it is your target audience who will be reading your posts. Always put your audience first in writing any content be it on your own website or blog site or when guest posting. Stop thinking of spiders and other ranking factors but your audience.

2. Build Links to your Site with Original, High Quality Content. The best way to get organic and quality links is by producing interesting and highly relevant content that drives people to link and share your content. A content has no use if it is not being shared by people. This boils down to having great content so people will find it useful and informational. In doing so, not so much effort will be done by you in marketing your content for it is the people who read your post will be the ones marketing your content for you. Such links created by you and the people who shared your content will be detected by search engine spiders and will be considered when they rank your site.

3. Measure then Optimize Again. As in any SEO technique, proper monitoring, measurement of the optimization techniques are in order, to determine the effectiveness of the campaign. If you have written a guest post, be sure that you answer back whenever a comment was posted. Be polite to the website owner where you guest posted a blog entry. From there on, you can measure user engagement. You can also get insights from the comments you get from your readers. Most of the time, comments are instant feedback on how well you did in a specific post which you could use in establishing a more powerful marketing technique.

Google seemed to have successfully convinced many webmasters and website owners about the important role content marketing plays on SEO ranking. With its recent algorithm updates, Google gave more weight on content than all the other SEO elements in relation to page ranking. Spiders are crawling pages with great content and use that as a basis for page ranking. With these changes, focus and attention are directed to creating and distributing quality and compelling content.

With more relevant and updated content published and distributed across the online communities, the more likely it is for your site to be found by users or readers who need the information that you have on your site or on social media sites. The more users visit your site for the information desired, the higher the chance of getting high ranks with search engines.


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